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Introduction to Modding Environment Setup
Items Blocks Tiles
Recipes Enchants Projectiles

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If you're new to modding, make sure to read The Introduction to Modding for an overview of everything you need to know. For a more detailed description of the content in each tutorial, read the Topics Page. Good luck!

I make these because I was frustrated by the lack of documentation and useable tutorials for Forge. All the tutorials I could find were long videos of someone talking extremely slowly. I hope to offer an alternative: text tutorials for those who don't need a visual to follow along. Hopefully my tutorials will be less painful to refer to if you happen to forget something.

My goal is to continue support for all versions, 1.16 and above. Use the yellow drop down menu to switch between versions. It's entirely possible that there will be small mistakes in porting the tutorial text between versions. If you notice any, please let me know! The source code for all my tutorials can be found on GitHub.

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