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Change Log

See for full details.



  • switch to building with docusarus
  • rearrange site
  • mirror some modding gists


  • publishing mods page
  • NotEnoughGraphs


  • button on tutorial page to embed corresponding youtube video when available
  • use self hosted plausible analytics instead of google analytics (65.6kb -> 1.4kb)
    • no personal data stored and nothing sent to google
  • write my own markdown css instead of the over complicated one (3.9kb -> 1.5kb)
  • refactor site build script so its much more maintainable
  • move site to private github repo


  • dependencies tutorial


  • start collecting commission reviews


  • update to 1.19
  • simplify index page to just have buttons to first few tutorials
  • stop auto generating side nav so i can split tutorials into groups


  • page for solutions to questions from discord so they don't get lost
  • page for other modding resources (forge docs & community wiki)
  • bad clients page
  • generate html list of youtube channel clients
  • links pasted in markdown become a tags


  • tutorial page with links to world gen resources
  • Introduction to Modding


  • switched to google analytics because free
  • switch git links to my orgs/LukeGrahamLandryMC instead of personal


  • fetch my mod READMEs from github so i can link as wiki on curseforge for SEO
  • show in nav bar if streaming on youtube
  • start mixins tutorial
  • commissions page
  • default to dark mode


December 29​

  • dev environemnt on m1 tutorial

December 26​

  • horizontal scroll for planned tutorials on index page
  • typos fixed by thedude

December 13​

  • add brewing recipes section Recipes tutorial

December 11​

  • update to 1.18

November 19​

  • new index page: planned tutorials sorted into categories

November 17​

  • add meta tags

November 13​

  • arrows tutorial

November 8​

  • added email list form

November 7​

  • updated tutorial text to 1.17

November 6​

  • condensed the curseforge releases on my-mods page

November 4​

  • moved everything to the LukeGrahamLandry/modding-tutorials git repository

November 3​

  • new my-mods page. use youtube api to generate video list html

November 1​

  • wrote why-long-video
  • improved build system so it runs on cloud flare and keeps git clean
  • working version select menu

October 31​

  • wrote updating to 1.17 tutorial

October 30​

  • fixed anvil recipes section

October 29​

  • added summary of tutorial topics to index page
  • added decretive version select element

October 28​

  • started using plausible analytics because I don't trust CloudFlare's analytics

October 27​

  • wrote recipes tutorial
  • brought back dark mode

October 26​

  • bought the domain name
  • redid the css styling to use a side nav and look more professional (I think)
  • wrote a tutorial on enchantments

August 19-26​

  • move tutorials from ghost to cloudflare pages
  • build script that compiles markdown to html and inserts in template

May 12-19​

  • ghost blog with 7 tutorials for forge 1.16.5


September 20-25​

  • text versions of 7 of my forge 1.15 tutorials on GitHub pages

August 20 - October 20​

  • 14 video tutorials for forge 1.15
  • discord help server