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Pycord By Example

Each directory is a self-contained project implementing a discord bot in python using the py-cord library. Each project has a step by step explanation of how it was made (and source code).

Official Resources​

PycordByExample explains practical examples of discord bots. Depending on how you learn, you may be better served by the official Guide or Docs which provide a more abstract explanation of how things work rather than diving into examples.

  • Pycord Guide: Overview of how to use pycord features.
  • Pycord Docs: API reference built from the comments in pycord code.

You can always come back for inspiration once you've got a better sense of how the library works in general.

Empty Bot​

All example explanations will assume you've already set up your discord bot project. Make sure you've installed python (>= 3.8) then go through Pycord's "Installation" and "Creating Your First Bot" guides. They'll lead you through installing the library, setting up a bot token and inviting it to a discord server for testing. It is very important that you don't skip this step. Nothing will work without it.

The code below creates a bot that does absolutely nothing. It will be the starting point for each project.

import discord
import dotenv
import os

bot = discord.Bot()

# The rest of your code will go here


I use the pip package python-dotenv to load the bot token from a .env text file, but you're free to do it differently. Just make sure you never share the token!

Extension Challenges​

Throughout the projects there are ideas for additional features you could implement to practice your programming skills. These will generally require knowledge of the discord api not covered in the project. Get comfortable using Google and the resources above to solve problems on your own. They may be hard, you'll probably need a solid grasp of python programming fundamentals to attempt them.