Minecraft Mod Commissions

If you have an idea for a great Minecraft mod, I can help you make it a reality! Please prepare a detailed description of the features you want so I can give you a meaningful quote. Depending on the complexity of your project I will charge a flat price or an hourly rate.

I work with Forge and Fabric versions 1.19.x, 1.18.x, 1.17.x, 1.16.x and 1.15.x
I can also port existing open source mods to newer versions of Minecraft or between mod loaders.


Commissions are temporarily closed.


Luke worked very quickly and exceeded expectations. He went above and beyond to create a fantastic mod that works incredibly well, I would definitely recommend :) I really like working with him, he's professional understanding a genuine person. He is flexible with what I need and want. He is a great coder and anyone would be lucky to have him as part of their project. I highly recommend him. I am pleased to say that my experience during commissions with Graham has been fantastic. He is extremely fast in determining how much work is required to get the job done. He or she has also been extremely patient when changes need to be made or bugs need to be fixed. Graham has been punctual with delivery times and professional in dialogue and delivery of final product. The mod I had made previously was https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/spawner-xp-config . . . however, I've decided to use Graham for a number of commissions this year for my new mod-pack :) https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/mountables I commissioned this mod as a substitute for Animal Bikes for 1.16, with further emphasis on making every type viable instead of just a few being the best. Overall it worked perfectly and was done in a reasonable time frame. There was a second update planned but due to outside issues it was never completed. After finding them via Google, I had Luke write me a mod to convert player heads to the corresponding player head when renamed in an anvil, and he had it done for me in about half a day working exactly how I'd hoped. I think it was a fairly straightforward ask, but I'm still exceedingly pleased with the cost, the communication, and the quality of the product and cannot recommend them strongly enough. Thanks for the phone mod man, worked exactly as I wanted and perfect for the gamemode we're making. Very high quality work and a pleasure to work with. Amazing service! Luke assisted me in updating a 1.16.5 mod that was discontinued to 1.18.2. It works beautifully to this day, and I've been using it ever since. Definitely recommend getting updates from him, and going forward I'll be having any mods assistance I need through him provide he'll let me!

Mod Icon Mimic

The Mimic is a stealthy mob looks exactly like a chest but attacks when opened!

Mod Icon Mountables

The spiritual successor to Animal Bikes.

Mod Icon Mercenaries

Hire mercenaries to fight for you and equip them with any weapons.

Mod Icon Tribes

Inspired by the Factions plugin. Allows players to form groups.

Mod Icon Inclusive Enchanting

Allows most enchantments to apply to extra items.

Mod Icon Find My Friends

Renders player name plates over any distance.

Mod Icon Entity Rain Events

Data driven events where entities rain from the sky.

Mod Icon Harder Core

Various changes to add challenge.

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Mod Icon Torcherino

Torches that speed up tile entities. Ported to 1.18.2 & 1.19

Mod Icon Better Combat

Player attack animations. Ported to Forge 1.19, 1.18, 1.16

Mod Icon Staff of Traveling

EnderIO travel anchors ported to Multiloader 1.18

Mod Icon Tiered Shulkers

Iron Shulker Boxes ported to 1.18

Mod Icon Rereskillable

Adds upgradeable skills and allows pack developers to lock different features behind those skills. Ported to Forge 1.18.2

Mod Icon Simple XP Config

Adds a config file to change block xp drops.

Mod Icon PlayerEx

Adds RPG attributes to Minecraft. Ported to Forge 1.18.2

Mod Icon Industrial Earth Guns

Basic gun mod. Ported from Fabric to Forge.

Mod Icon Snail Mail

I added small balance fix.

Mod Icon Ambient Additions

Adds animals. Ported to 1.18 & Geckolib

Mod Icon Nightmare Craft

Part of a larger team, I implemented 8 unique monsters.

CosmetologyLib: manage player cosmetics WrapperLib: multiloader config & packets ForgedFabric: fabric api reimplemented on forge (WIP)

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